An interesting experience fishing for Bar Cod

Had an interesting experience fishing for Bar Cod over the weekend that i thought was worth sharing. After several drops on spin tackle on our usual haunt yielded zero i began to wonder what plan B might look like. After traveling that far out i wasnt prepared to give up just yet so i turned to the tools i had on my dash board. I flicked my chart from normal view to a mode called "fish n chip" mode, in this mode you get easily double the amount of detail in depth contours. Scrolling around the area i noticed a mile or so to our north some interesting looking bottom. With nothing to lose and both my crew conveniently either asleep or taking advantage of the sunny winter conditions i motored north. On arriving i spent some time sounding around, the bottom not really living up to expectation. However i was here and thought I've got to give it a go. So down went both rods and the first drift was underway. 20 min later no bites. Luke Bell & Ryan Morgan has stayed down south and hadn't had any luck as yet either however we had marked some ok bait down there. best trolling motor battery


I decided to wind the gear up and on spin tackle that takes a good 15-20mins. By the time i had it all up and the deck cleared i walked back to the helm to fire up the engine when i noticed my depth had got shallower since winding up, considering i was drifting east by rights it should have got deeper. Now knowing Bar Cod love hanging on drop offs and I'd not long drifted over one i was wishing id been looking at my sounder earlier to see what the bottom looked like. That's when i remembered my sounder has what's called "track back" feature.

For those not familiar is like a pause and rewind feature. So i start scrolling back through my last 10min of sonar images and to my suprise there right on the drop off is the best bait we've sounded all afternoon (see sounder screen shot below). When in track back mode you can touch the screen to mark a waypoint right on the bait which then saves the coordinates to your chart plotter. Now with the bait marked i spin the boat, get on the radio and call the boys over. On our first drift over the mark both boats hooked up on Bar Cod and thanks to technology our days went from zero to hero just like that. Point of this long winded storey is it pays to know what features your electronics have, learn how to use them and they may well pay dividends. Good luck!

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